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Let us design your entire website from a blank page to a completed project. Whether you want a professional image or a fun casual look, we have you covered.



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Whether you want a simple business website, a personal blog, or a custom e-commerce site, we have all the software that you need.



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Need your services and prices updated each season? Need your sites photos updated to show your latest events each year? Not a problem, our staff can manage your site.



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We don’t just build your website, we get it online and keep it there. Running our own web hosting allows us to solve any problem fast.



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Tired of using that old yahoo email address for your business? Let us set you up with an email address for a more professional look.



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Need something not listed here? Let us know. Domain registration, print design, search engine marketing, and more. We can help you out.


Frequently Asked Questions

Where is MediaFate located?

MediaFate is located in Buffalo, New York tho we have clients all around the world.

Does MediaFate provide Hosting services?

Yes. We offer a full service, from web design to hosting to maintenance, we handle it all. This allows us to fix your site right away if anything goes wrong instead of having to go through other third party company’s.

Who can I contact to schedule a business consult?

Send us an email at anytime to or call us at (716) 906-8752. Be sure to leave a number if you would like us to contact you and give us a brief description of your business and what you are looking for.

Is getting a website really important for my business?

Yes. Today it is very important to have a website and most successful businesses do. It not only lends credibility to your business (especially important for small businesses) but it gives your business a brand and an identity. A website also can help drive sales and allow customers an opportunity to learn about your product or service.

What other services do you offer?

Many. Everything listed above plus domain registration, print design, search engine marketing, and much much more. If you have a special request, just let us know what you are looking for. We can likely help you out.

Are you guys good?

Yes, we are.

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The MediaFate Blog

Living In A Custom World – Make Your Business Stand Out With Custom Web Design


A website, is a website, is a website. Right?


It’s no secret that as a modern business owner, you need an online presence. But now that websites are more the standard than the exception, it’s important that your site stand out among the competition.

There is no substitute for a well designed, tailored website. Your website should stay true to your business, speak to your audience, and offer the functionality to satisfy your customer’s needs, when they need them met.

Creating a great custom website can be no easy task, and not all web designers are created equal. It’s important to choose a designer that is experienced in custom web design. Their experience is your advantage; and choosing the right designer can be the difference between a mediocre site and a fantastic one.

So, what makes a custom site great?

Standing Out (In A Good Way)

A good design appears flawless, but it’s usually generated with a tremendous amount of effort. By choosing a custom web designer, you can avoid many of the common design pitfalls and poor user experience that can be found on other drag and drop or bare bones sites. An experienced designer can help you create a website that is appropriate for your industry, but innovative at the same time.

Functionality, colors, fonts, the way in which your branding and logo are incorporated; all of these have work together seamlessly to create a positive user experience for your customers. A custom website is unique enough to stand out among the crowd, without getting in its own way.

Giving Them What They Want

Your customer’s are searching for a solution to their problem. Give it to them.

Are they looking to schedule an appointment? Perhaps you should incorporate an option to schedule online. Are you selling a new line of jewelry? Customers should have the option to buy directly from your website.

The easier you make it for a customer to solve their problem, the more likely they are to call, purchase, schedule, and come back again. You don’t want to be restricted in how you assist them with their problem because of limitations with your page. A great custom web designer will be able to implement additional forms, feeds, and other capabilities into your site without sacrificing functionality or style.

Choosing Experience

What makes great design exciting is that it creates innovative solutions to seemingly impossible problems. A designer that is experienced in custom and advanced design can help you work around your most challenging issues to give you a website that goes above and beyond. Even if you don’t have a complete vision of what your site should look like, a custom web designer can help develop your ideas into something great. A custom designed website can make all the difference to you as a business owner, and to your customers. Make sure you choose a designer that will take your website to the next level, and give your customers exactly what they are looking for.

Think Local

The Local Equation: How To Choose A Local Web Designer

Your business is your passion. You’ve dedicated your time, energy and focus to help build it into what it is today. You have sculpted your brand, created your network, and put yourself out there in every way you know how. But there is one very important thing you are missing; a website.

You have considered some options already, and decided to go with a local web designer. But now what?

How do you choose a web designer that’s right for your business?

There are a couple things you should consider when trying to decide who to trust with your website.


Many web design firms offer a free consultation. Take advantage of this to feel out if they could be a good fit for you. Did they return your call or message promptly?

Did they ask about your specific goals and what your target audience is? Were they open to discussion?

Your web designer is someone you will be working with closely with, so it’s important you feel you can communicate openly with them.


The visual impact of a website can be the difference between someone who stays and someone who clicks the back button. A good designer knows how to incorporate your brand and image into a user friendly and visual appealing site. When trying to decide if a web design company is right for you, take a look at their portfolio. It can give you an idea of what kind of design capabilities they have and they diversity the offer.


If you want changes made to your site, who will make them? What is you want to add pictures? Is hosting available? Take a look at what other kinds of services a prospective company offers. Having the same company build and maintain your site helps maintain consistency, and is much easier for you in the long run.


High price does not always denote quality. However, the more complex a website, the more time and money it will take. Keep in mind your goals as a business, and what kind of message you want to convey to your potential customers.

Take your time when making your decision. Your website is one of the largest investments you will make, and you want to ensure that you choose a design company that fits your specific goals.

Buffalo City Hall

Go Big & Go Local: Why You Should Choose A Local Web Designer

You need a website.

There is no getting around it.

There are hundreds of options when it comes to web design. You have dedicated a lot of time and energy to your business, and you want to make sure your online presence reflects who you are, what you do, and appeals to your audience.

One of the biggest questions you will face is do you go local? Or go larger?

The local movement is big now, and that is for good reason. Communication, quality, creativity, and audience all give local firms an edge over their more widely based counterparts.

So Why Choose A Local Web Designer?

1. Get Personal

One of the biggest pros to choosing a local web design company is the one on one interaction. Get to know the person who is going to help craft your online image. In the world of web design, first impressions are everything. Make sure your designer is someone who you can communicate with openly and vice versa. Going local gives your business the attention that many other firms cannot.

2. Make Your Design Your Own

If you want to stand out among your competition, you need a site that stands out. True design isn’t about one or two templates with different color schemes. Your site should be unique, and speak to your specific business image and goals. It should not look the same as the bakery in Wisconsin, or the ski shop in Colorado.

3. You Are a Client, Not a $

Don’t make the mistake of choosing a company that is willing to sacrifice your quality for their quantity. Choosing a local designer who will put in the same effort and energy that you put into creating your business will pay off in major ways.

4. Have a Local Market? Who Else Knows Local Business Best?

You’re a local business. Your audience is local. Who would have a better understanding of where and whom you are trying to market, than a local web designer? Taking advantage of their insight can give you business a valuable edge.

Your website is one of the most steps in establishing your business and customer base. Don’t leave it in the hands of just anybody. Choose a local web designer whose goal is to help you reach your goal, and reap the benefits of the local advantage.

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